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    The Big Game

    Moore, Ha, Cannon, Klein, Wildstorm FX

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    Oh I get it. “Art-horror” is a great term for you to write around the idea that you just like horror films, intellectual cowardice runs deep y’all. There will never be anything more obvious than your shame for liking genre by writing about the respectable end of that being “different”. Of course,…

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    I need to reblog this again because this cat’s face

    you can see it counting down from ten in its head

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    Jashugan, King of the Circuit

    Yukito Kishiro - Gunnm

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    Toshirô Mifune, the ultimate man.


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    The one, the only, Desty Nova

    Yukito Kishiro, Gunnm

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    Yukito Kishiro - Gunnm

    The truck to deliver the sword is a fantastic touch.

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    (Golgo 13, Takao Saitō & Saitō Pro)

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